Monday, June 7, 2010

AiFactory Pop Up Freebie

Contest has concluded* Thanks to all who played.

We all love freebies.
AiFactory has a new freebie
I have the password -- for 24 hours...

Congratulations! you just popped up on my blog! Yeah this is a surprise freebie for the visitors who are popping up on my blog!. Although There are MORE freebies back at the store but this one is special for those of you who just pop up here for the Day! Tell more people about it as this will just gonna POP OUT! in next 24 hours!
This is a free Kit Club Membership and it just happened to POP up FREE FOR YOU so follow us to be aware of our next POP UP maybe tomorrow or the day after tomorrow or next week! Get your free Kit Club Membership before the code expires.

How do you make your claim?
  1. Contact me MIA through this link to the Aifactory COMMUNITY .
  2. Join the Group POPUP FREEBIES.
  3. Message Mia your secret passcode* (Pass the word that you found it here, (valid till next 24 hours) AND
  4. Mia will award you a free KIT CLUB MEMBERSHIP for June!