Saturday, April 17, 2010

Shimelle's Blog -- Take a Peek

If you have not had a chance, take a look and visit Shimelle's site. She is witty and clever and this page is just so much fun! Visit her site.

Check out her video about why she scrapbooks. I think you will find inspiration.
She also hosts on-line classes and they are great.


Patti said...

Hi Terri, My comment has nothing to do with this post. I found you on you tube and left a comment there also. I also own a silhouette (the older model) and love it.
I wondered if you had any experience with the rhinestones. So far, i have only used it on paper for scrapping. I can't say I'm overjoyed with the results. If you have used it in this manner, do you have any suggestions?? I'd love to just gab a bit and pick your brain if that's o.k.

Thanks Again, Patti

Terrie said...

Hi Patti,
I have not purchased the rhinestone kit but I know it is very popular. While I was at the winter CHA Super Show, Oscar was at a tradeshow for sewing etc. He saw a ton of machines that die cut and do bling.

A couple of thoughts -- check out the House of 3 site, they do live webcasts and I think they are doing a demo of rhinestones in the future. They are making designs for and selling the Silhouette on their site so I have enjoyed getting some info and you can watch the archived copies of the shows. or

They are also doing some discounting of Silhouette supplies.

Second, I just got this email today, I don't know if you will find this of interest but we might pick up some good tips -- it might be a bit geeky but it will likely give a nice overview of what to expect from the product

Send a link and I would like to see what you have created. I am thinking of purchasing the rhinestone kit but have been a bit on the fence. The discount from House of 3 is a possible motivator.

I appreciate you watching!