Sunday, April 4, 2010

Silly Bunny...

Hi everyone,

Happy Easter and Happy Spring.
I made my first video for the Cutting Cafe and got so caught up the excitement of my first video, I forgot about Jing's five minute video screen shot limit.
Silly bunny, I forgot to show you how to convert a PDF into a png and then a png into a jpg to cut on your Silhouette.

OK, I know it sounds like a bunch of steps, but it really is easy. (All of you feed families and can follow a recipe.) So think of the video attached as a recipe for substituing one ingredient for another -- the cookies taste just as good and no one is the wiser.
The video is a real time video so you see it really does take less than 5 minutes!


Leonie said...

Happy Easter to you ! Great video thanks for sharing, I am going to try to scan an image & cut in my silhouette as I need a envolope template, so I hope I can get it to work, Have you tried that yet?

reginaeaster said...

yes yes yes yes this will help lots of people for it..thanks

Kelly said...

Welcome to The Cutting Cafe. You'll love working with Regina, she is awesome! Great video!

Scrap Rund said...

I have spent the whole morning watching your videos for the Silhouette. I have the SD for the past 7 months and have not cut a thing! My aim is to get my images organized then to get cutting.
I truly need a push. Step by step to tackle your teachings as my own and then look for your next lesson I hope to get going.
Thank-you for your knowledge,talent and sharing...I'll be back!