Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Assignment 1 - Post the stash

OK, I signed up for a class. The idea, use your stash. I have significant stash -- scrapbooking and cardmaking and paper crafting supplies. This is simply a random sampling of the goods. More frames and fabric and paints but I just got tired of taking photos. Want to see the room tour -- I have a YouTube video.

Pre-class work, document the stash. Why so much?
About a year ago I began watching the YouTube haul videos for organizational ideas.
Then I discovered "hauls" and started to think... wow what a deal or I could use that or I want to try that. Then off to the store I am with my 40 percent off coupon. While there I find something that has a dog on it -- anything Dachshund themed is a must have. And now I have more than I really know what to do with and need some help to get moving on creating.

Collecting, hording, planning ahead for when glue dots go extinct, or simply a genetic disposition...
Honestly I am lured by the bargain ...whether I need it or not. I adore thrift stores or charity shops as they are referred to in the UK. I do stick to a budget, pay cash not credit card, and those bi-weekly allowances have afforded me the stash to make just about anything I want. I am also fortunate or enabled with my own crafting space and a door to close. Of course sometimes I have to put the dogs in the hall to walk around and get things from my closet. Here is the theme of my general weakness and I must be saving all these dog and pup and pet goodies for something...

My goals:

  1. scrap/create/sell on Etsy or at my work classifieds 3 pet themed cards before April 15
  2. Not buy anything crafting related for the next month*. 03/10/10 to 04/10/10
  3. Remind myself and accept that it is OK to pass up a "bargain" and another discount coupon will come -- someone else needs that incredible deal so much more than me

    *Just to be honest, I do have a yearly Silhouette subscription and that will likely satisfy my need for something new...


furrypig said...

I'm going with a genetic predisposition! Yep it's definitely beyond my control, a medical condition!! LOL! Look forward to seeing you in class xxx

Catpad said...

that's a great stash =)

Catpad said...
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