Monday, March 22, 2010

Silhouette Sweet Sixteen Selectee!

Yippee!! My duckie boxes were picked as one of the "sweet sixteen" on the Silhouette Blog. They are having a contest to pick the final four. So visit the blog, and if you think mine is super cute, vote for me. If you think another of the selectees is cool too -- it is ok to pick it. Voting is open to one pick per day. Click here to go to the Silhouette Blog and vote.


Terrie said...

Leonie had left a new comment on your post "Treat Boxes - Easter or Mother's Day":

Hi Terrie, I hope you are well. With the duck & butterfly boxes, did you buy the box design from the silhouette store as it is (I can't find them) or did you cut out the box's then cut out the shape separately? I love these & would like to do some for Easter gifts
Thanks Terrie

and I think I moderated it wrong... so here is the original post

Terrie said...

All of the cut files came from the Silhouette Store. The box is box top and box bottom.(search box) The duck is a Hero Arts image (search duck - he is yellow) and the butterfly was a two piece image (search butterfly... I can't remember if it was Hero Arts or not, but I only used one part. I had to scale up the box top just a bit like maybe .2 inches to make it slightly bigger so it fit better. Hope that helps. I can tell you the exact files when I am back at my home computer.

Jennifer Priest said...

Congrats and I voted for you!!!