Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Silhouette Library Video - Folders

I got a request for a "how to" add folders to your Silhouette library. I appreciate the comments and will do my best to answer questions based upon my experience as a user. Enjoy.


Dara Lynn said...

Terrie, thank you so much for doing this video. Want to hear funny?? Due to me having Windows 7 and my fonts were larger than normal, the folders at the bottom left were not showing. But one phone call to support at Silhouette and solved! Your video has given me a great reference on organization. With a pretty hefty libary, I will be busy. Again your video is so much appreciated ..Fashion Diva Kiss..mmwah mmwah :) Thankful in Oklahoma for Ms Terrie!

Anonymous said...

Great tutorial! I never thought to do a search and then put the results into the folders! Duh! I'm also glad to learn that an image can go into more than one folder.

Now, what is the best way to organize newly downloaded files? They seem to get mixed with the older downloaded files. Maybe the question has been answered before. I'll go searching...

Thanks again for the great tut!